Gus Le Breton

African plant specialist | 4×4 Adventurer | On-camera presenter | Green entrepreneur

Africa is blessed with astonishing plant biodiversity. My life’s mission is to conserve this for future generations. If, along the way, I can help a few other people find their own life missions, that’s a win for everyone!

Take infectious enthusiasm and zest for life, an unquenchable thirst for adventure and a lifetime working in Africa. Add Masters degrees from the Universities of Cambridge and Yale. Top it off with a healthy serving of plant-focused passion. The end result is Gus Le Breton, one of the leading advocates for sustainable plant use and conservation in Africa.

As an entrepreneur, Gus is best-known as the driving force behind the market launch of Baobab, the “African superfruit”. His mission is to bring greater knowledge and awareness of African plants and biodiversity to the world, and he pursues this through his many plant-oriented businesses and research initiatives, as well as his YouTube channel, the African Plant Hunter.

An articulate and entertaining on-camera presenter and public speaker, Gus is also an inveterate overland traveller, whose obsession with the African wilderness has led him from his home in Zimbabwe to many of the continent’s most remote corners. His deep knowledge of Africa’s people, plants and wild areas give him a unique lens on this fascinating continent, and his engaging style and ready smile make him a highly effective communicator.

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