The Health-Giving Terpenes and Cannabinoids in Lemonbush Tea

Cannabis may be the rock star of the medicinal plant world, but it’s certainly not the only plant to contain healing terpenes and cannabinoids. The Lemonbush, Lippia javanica, a common shrub in East and Southern Africa, has several terpenes and cannabinoids of medicinal benefit. Also known as Fever tea (or Zumbani, in the local Shona […]

The Healing Lemonbush Tea of Africa

Lippia javanica, the Lemonbush (also called the Fever tea bush), is one of Africa’s best-known medicinal plants. Consumed as a healing tea, an inhalation or as topical treatment on the skin, this plant has a wide range of traditional medicinal applications, and shares many compounds in common with the cannabis plant. In this episode, Gus […]