Tree #74 Historic Trees of Zimbabwe – The Giant Ebony of Nyahungwe

Deep in the heart of Gonarezhou National Park, a stand of large Diospyros mespiiformis trees serve to remind us of the times gone by when some of the main exports from Africa were ebony and ivory. Both are found in this magnificent park – the ivory mostly moves around on four legs and doesn’t like […]

Demons, Toothbrushes and Timber – the Jackalberries of Gonarezhou

If you were walking through the African bush, and you came across a tree whose fruit are said to invoke demonic possession if eaten, what would you do? The Jackalberry (Diospyros mespiliformis) is one such a tree, and Gus Le Breton (aka the “African Plant Hunter”) is exactly the sort of person who would try. […]