How to Repel Elephants from Baobab Trees

Ecologists in Gonarezhou National Park, in the south-east of Zimbabwe, have come up with a simple but ingenious method for keeping elephants from damaging baobab trees. There aren’t many places left in the world suffering from too many elephants, but this extraordinary and beautiful park is one that is. And the poor baobab trees are […]

The Elephant and the Baobab

Elephants love baobabs. Sometimes the love of a 5 tonne mammal can be a little overbearing – even for a tree the size of a baobab. In this short episode, Gus shares a quick view of an elephant-damaged baobab to show just how far (or how high!) the elephants are prepared to go to reach […]

Plant Communication – the Strange Case of the Elephant and the Mopane

Plants communicate with each other in different ways. In this episode of the African Plant Hunter, Gus shows how mopane trees respond to elephants browsing by releasing tannins from their roots to make the leaves unpalatable. They also release pheromones to alert other trees nearby to the incoming elephant. But elephants have also got wise […]