Tree #45 Historic Trees of Zimbabwe – The Fossil Trees of Detema

Conifers, in Africa? Surely not! But wait, these aren’t ordinary trees. These are fossilised trees, and they’re 200 million years old! Join Gus, the African Plant Hunter, on his visit to Detema Dam in the iconic, elephant-filled Hwange National Park to track down Tree #45 in Lyn Mullin’s book, Historic Trees of Zimbabwe.

Tree #49 Historic Trees of Zimbabwe – the Sycamore Fig of Pandamatenga

In a remote stretch of African bushveld, a lone sycomore fig rises up above the grasslands, providing shade and shelter to elephants, plains game and the occasional lion or leopard. And, on this day, to an itinerant African Plant Hunter, who is on a mission to visit every tree in the Lyn Mullin’s seminal book, […]

Tree #46 Historic Trees of Zimbabwe – The Selous Tree of Hwange Main Camp

The first in an occasional series visiting the trees listed in Lyn Mullin’s excellent book “Historic Trees of Zimbabwe”. In this episode, Gus, the African Plant Hunter, shows us round the Selous Tree, the Camelthorn (Vachellia erioloba) under which the 19th Century hunter Frederick Courtney Selous is said to have pitched camp on multiple occasions […]