The Gloriously Glabrous Madagascan Rubber Vine

From his location in the Swahili coastal town of Lamu, in north-eastern Kenya, Gus (the African Plant Hunter) talks us through the difference between “glabrous” and “puberulent” leaves, in the context of the striking-looking Madagascan Rubber Vine. If these terms are new to you, and you’d like to impress your friends by throwing obscure botanical […]

The Extraordinary Multi-Purpose Coconut Tree

From its humble origins in south-west Asia, the coconut has spread all over the tropical world, and is synonymous with beaches and surf. While holidaying in Lamu, Kenya, with his family, Gus, the African Plant Hunter, dons a Kenyan kikoyi and takes time out to explore the reasons behind the success of this remarkable tree. […]