Fearless! The African Plant Hunter captures a 2kg wild Kigelia fruit!

The African Plant Hunter: Caterpillar pizza, hair nets, African plants and white coats

Coming Soon on the African Plant Hunter! A tasty sample of what’s to come: high protein pizza, Zimbabwe-style hairnets, the must have accessory when grading baobabs the whitecoats are coming to help you! what African plant supplement helps regulate blood sugar levels why he came up with the name the African Plant Hunter. and more…

Peek Inside a Baobab

Peek inside a baobab wit The African Plant Hunter

Ever wondered what goes on inside Africa’s biggest tree?! Let Gus Le Breton, the African Plant Hunter, show you round!

Introducing the African Plant Hunter

Introducing the African Plant Hunter

Humans evolved in Africa. So did herbal medicine! Meet Gus Le Breton, a Cambridge and Yale-educated ethnobotanist from Zimbabwe, as he explores and share his knowledge of the extraordinary healing properties of African plants. Subscribe for for more tips and advice on using the healing power of plants from the Mother Continent!